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Thanks to Andy Woodson for the following clips!

"Happy People" by Andy Woodson, with Andy (bass) and Mark Flugge (piano) at Mark's Capital Faculty Recital, November 2010


"February's Promise" by Mark FLugge, with Andy Woodson (bass) and me (flute) at Mark's Capital Faculty Recital, November 2010


I am delighted to announce my new CD (February 2019)- Bolling & Beyond: Lisa Jelle, Jazz-Inspired Flute. Mark Flugge Remembered!  It begins with three live movements from the archives, of Mark and me playing the Bolling Suite at the very first Chamber Jazz at the Museum Concert. Next are three chamber arrangements of Mark’s pieces Erika Kristen (by Stan Smith, with me and Roger Hines on bass); Flugge Jazz Fantasy (Ahmad, The Letter, Samba Fantasy) for PANdemonium4 flute quartet (Kim Goodman, Lindsey Goodman, me, Andy Woodson on bass, Chris Carmean on percussion) by Andy Frederick; and Blessings arranged for woodwind quintet by Christopher Weait for the QuintEssential Winds (me, Melissa Stevens, Gail Zugger, Betsy Sturdevant, Kimberley McCann). The last six tracks are arrangements of Mark’s pieces for the truly stellar Mark Tribute Big Band in January 2018. These are Action Planet (arr. Bob Larson); Beatrice, the Cat (arr. Kim Pensyl); Around Every Corner (arr. Bill Dobbins); February’s Promise (arr. Mark Lopeman); Dear Bill (arr. Paul Ferguson); and Feeling, Not Words (arr. Bob Larson). Thanks to all the amazing musicians who came together to make this release possible!




Please join us for one or more of the upcoming CD release party/concerts!  Admission to all concerts is free.  CDs will be available at all concerts for $10, and we would be delighted to autograph your copy.  

Thursday, March 7 at 8 pm in Huntington Recital Hall: PANdemonium4 Flute Quartet Recital, as part of Capital's International Women's Week!  We will perform "Flugge Jazz Fantasy", arranged by Andy Frederick, from the CD!  My flute colleagues are Kimberlee Goodman, Lindsey Goodman, and Alison Brown Sincoff.  We are joined on the Flugge Jazz Fantasy by double bassist Andy Woodson and percussionist Chris Carmean. Columbus Composers Linda Kernohan and Michael Rene Torres will introduce their pieces.  We will also perform works by Daniel Dorff, Paul Osterfield, and Mike Mower. 


Thursday, March 14 at 5:30 pm in Huntington Recital Hall: My Faculty Recital/CD Release Party.  Join us for the world premiere of Stan Smith's flute/guitar/bass arrangement of Erika Kristen, by Mark Flugge!  Our performance of this piece is on my new CD, Bolling & Beyond: Lisa Jelle, Jazz-Inspired Flute. Mark Flugge Remembered.  Stan Smith, Roger Hines, and I are happy to autograph CDs, which will be available for purchase for $10 each at the concert.  This eclectic concert also includes two fascinating pieces by Michael Daugherty: I Loved Lucy for flute and guitar, with Doug Neel; and The High and the Mighty for piccolo and piano, with Narmina Aliyeva.  Madeleine Dring's gorgeous Trio for flute, oboe, and piano rounds out the program with oboist Karen Pfeifer and pianist Barbara Sahr.  Note the EARLY recital time of 5:30, and we hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 19 at 8:00 pm in Huntington Recital Hall: Comedy for Winds with the QuintEssential Winds.  QuintEssential Winds will perform Christopher Weait's arrangement of Blessings by Mark Flugge at this concert.  Our performance appears on my new CD Bolling & Beyond: Lisa Jelle, Jazz-Inspired Flute. Mark Flugge Remembered.  The CD will be available for $10 at this concert, and we will be happy to autograph your copy!  The program also includes Paul Patterson's Comedy for Winds.  With Melissa Stevens, oboe; Gail Zugger, clarinet; Betsy Sturdevant, bassoon; and Kimberly McCann, horn.

Sunday, May 19 at 3:00 pm in Mees Hall: The Sixth Annual Mark Flugge Tribute Jazz Concert featuring Grammy Award-winning drummer Paul Francis with Andy Woodson and Jon Eshelman, and the mini big band Such Sweet Thunder.  Guest appearances by vocalist Kelly DeLaveris and the inimitable Vaughn Wiester!

Finally, other CDs for sale are A Chamber Jazz Christmas (2016); the 2015 double CD release, Mark Flugge Remembered: Jazz Originals and Standards; and my 2012 CD, Waltz into Madness.  Thank you for your support and friendship!  -Lisa 



 P.S. Sammy, in one of his many adorable poses while sleeping.