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Thanks to Andy Woodson for the following clips!

"Happy People" by Andy Woodson, with Andy (bass) and Mark Flugge (piano) at Mark's Capital Faculty Recital, November 2010


"February's Promise" by Mark FLugge, with Andy Woodson (bass) and me (flute) at Mark's Capital Faculty Recital, November 2010


Variations on a Theme of Grieg for Woodwind Quintet

QuintEssential Winds: Lisa Jelle, flute, piccolo, alto flute; Stephen Secan, oboe; Gail Lehto Zugger, clarinet; Kimberbly McCann, horn; Christopher Weait, bassoon
Richard Cioffari


The Capital University Faculty Woodwind Quintet commissioned "Variations on a Theme of Grieg" from Richard Cioffari, and premiered the work in 2007.  The piece is tuneful, virtuosic, and playful.  Coincidentally, Richard's choice of Grieg reflects my Norwegian heritage.  The composer is Music Professor Emeritus at Bowling Green State University.  My colleagues in the QuintEssential Winds on this recording are Stephen Secan, oboe; Gail Lehto Zugger, clarinet; Kimberly McCann, horn; and Christopher Weait, bassoon.

Parts and score are published and available from TrevCo Music.

Richard Cioffari holds degrees from The University of Michigan, and is Professor Emeritus at Bowling Green State University, where he taught for many years, including seven years as Department of Performance Studies chairman. He currently holds the Reinberger Foundation Chair as keyboardist with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and appears frequently as assisting pianist and chamber recitalist. A published composer and arranger, his works are regularly commissioned and performed by artists nationally and internationally, and have been featured at conferences of the International Double Reed Society, the International Horn Society, the International Trumpet Guild, the National Flute Association, and on NPR.  Several of Professor Cioffari's works appear on the Music Educator's National Conference state affiliates' contest lists. He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and is listed in the International Who's Who in Music. An unusually versatile musician, he has performed as principal double bassist of the North Carolina Symphony and has recently served as conductor of the Ohio Wesleyan University Chamber Orchestra and the Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra of Columbus.