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Thanks to Andy Woodson for the following clips!

"Happy People" by Andy Woodson, with Andy (bass) and Mark Flugge (piano) at Mark's Capital Faculty Recital, November 2010


"February's Promise" by Mark FLugge, with Andy Woodson (bass) and me (flute) at Mark's Capital Faculty Recital, November 2010


Tranquillo for Flute, Clarinet, and Jazz Piano

Lisa Jelle, Flute & Piccolo; Gail Lehto Zugger, Clarinet; Mark Flugge, Piano
Mark Flugge, 2009


Mark Flugge composed "Tranquillo e Inspirare" for the Inspirare Duo (Lisa Jelle, flute; Gail Lehto Zugger, clarinet); the three of us premiered it in 2009.  "Tranquillo" is reminiscent of Satie.