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Thanks to Andy Woodson for the following clips!

"Happy People" by Andy Woodson, with Andy (bass) and Mark Flugge (piano) at Mark's Capital Faculty Recital, November 2010


"February's Promise" by Mark FLugge, with Andy Woodson (bass) and me (flute) at Mark's Capital Faculty Recital, November 2010


A Solidao Bonita for Alto Flute, Piano, Bass, Drum Set & Percussion

Lisa Jelle, Alto Flute; Mark Flugge, Piano; Andy Woodson, Bass; Jim Ed Cobbs, drum set & percussion
Mark Flugge, 2008


Mark Flugge wrote "A Solidao Bonita" in the summer of 2008 while I was in Colorado for 5 weeks with the Breckenridge Music Festival.  The title translates as "The Beautiful Loveliness"; the alto flute evokes this emotion very clearly.  I love playing the alto flute!