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Upcoming Performances!

  • Nov 4
    Capital/Bexley Orchestra at Mees Hall, Capital University,  Columbus
  • Nov 5
    QuintEssential Winds at Huntington Recital Hall, Capital University,  Columbus

You-tube clips: check them out!

Thanks to Andy Woodson for the following clips!

"Happy People" by Andy Woodson, with Andy (bass) and Mark Flugge (piano) at Mark's Capital Faculty Recital, November 2010


"February's Promise" by Mark FLugge, with Andy Woodson (bass) and me (flute) at Mark's Capital Faculty Recital, November 2010


Associate Professor of Flute

Lisa A. Jelle, DMA
  • Capital University Conservatory of Music
  • 1 College and Main
  • Columbus OH 43209-2394
  • 614-236-7112
  • http://www.capital.edu